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    Performing nightly at a local pub, Popong found a venue for his original compositions in between cover sets. A year after,in latter part of 1986, Popong became a part of the emerging ethno-rock group Bagong Lumad. The group played live music for a dance-theatre production. It was his stint as musical director of this Mindanao myth- based theatre production that instituted him into the bosom of people's culture. He went further this time. He joined a research fieldwork on tribal music in the hinterlands and explored the world of theatre as actor and musician. The performances brought him to England, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan.

As a recording artist, Popong has already produced four albums, namely, AYAYAYAYAY, LAYLAY SA SIDLAKAN, KAMAY NI LAAN and IMPACT 2000.

Today, Popong emerges as a true son of World Music. An artist who draws his essence from his roots, fusing in folk, rock, reggae and ethnic; the embodiment of an artist who has come full circle.

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