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AYAYAYAYAY September, 1987 Development Services & Media Services(DEMS) DEMS Studio
Davao City


• Ayayayayay
• Malaya
• Baliw
• Alitaptap sa Laot
• Bisan Pa
• Awit ng Hardinero
• Ulan, Ulan
• Kaliweteng Gitarista
• Ina
• Titser
• Bulaklak sa Dawag
• Krisis
• Gubat
• Mga Panginoon
• Bugsay
• Halina,Aking Pangga

    Ayayayayay(A shout, a sighing expression) showcases the original works of Landero, a mechanical engineer who recently returned to pursuing his musical craft. Using acoustic guitars and his earnest tenor voice, Landero delineates portraits of nature as seen through his native Davao. There are songs about "wise" fools(Ang Baliw), noble gardeners(Awit ng Hardinero), honourable mothers (Ina), overworked/underpaid teachers(Titser), among others. Standout cut is Krisis(Crisis), a folk/country/blues-like address that asks which of the remedies to the country's miseries is relevant. Former bandmates Ayala and Tio provide indispensable back-up via guitar and indigenous percussion.

    The music in Ayayayayay is characteristically raw, having been recorded in an independent production outfit's meager facilities in Davao. Yet the truthfulness of its impact more than makes up for any technological deficiency.

Songs of Struggle
by Pocholo Concepcion 1990