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What they say about Popong...

    In his teen years , Popong Landero sang his own songs, co-founded a music group named Masang Himig, quit schooling and earned his basic survival means through his musical talent. A singer with a mind of his own, he would insist on using his left hand to write, to hold an axe, and to play his guitar,in spite of his father's insistence early on that he eat with his right hand. It may have been an awkward process but his music was never stunted. He would invert chordbooks while he was still learning how to play the guitar. It was at this time that he started gaining recognition in Davao as the " Kaliweteng Gitarista" (Lefty Guitarist). That was in 1978.

Inspired by the burgeoning growth of what was then underground OPM, Popong hied
off to the big city-Manila >

Ang Kaliweteng Gitarista
(The Lefty Guitarist)